Intended Learning Outcome


Attitude     ILO1 Able to show religious attitudes, fear God Almighty and appreciate the diversity of cultures, views, religions, and beliefs, as well as the original opinions or findings of others
ILO2 Able to contribute in improving the quality of life of society, nation, state, the advancement of civilization, pride and love of the homeland, as well as having nationalism and a sense of responsibility to the state and nation based on Pancasila
ILO3 Able to demonstrate a responsible attitude to the work in the field of expertise as a whole and independently.
Generic Skill Competence ILO4 Qualified and able to apply logical, critical, systematic, and innovative thinking to develop scientific descriptions of the results of studies in the context of the development or implementation of science and technology that pay attention to and apply humanities values in accordance with their areas of expertise.
ILO5 Capable and able to make decisions appropriately and responsible for the achievement of group work and supervise and evaluate the completion of work assigned to workers who are under their responsibility in the context of problem solving in their areas of expertise, based on the results of information and data analysis.



ILO6 Qualified and able to develop theoretical concepts about the structure, dynamics, and energy of chemicals, as well as the basic principles of separation, analysis, synthesis and characterization (content knowledge);
ILO7 Capable and able to apply the theory of education, the development of learners, and the profession of education (pedagogy knowledge);
ILO8 Competent, and qualified in analysing pedagogic knowledge of chemistry, curriculum, learning methodology, learning media, learning evaluation, classroom management and integrating ICT in chemical learning (technological pedagogical and content knowledge)
ILO9 Capable to implement principles of K3 (Occupational Safety and Security), laboratory management, the use of chemical equipment and instruments and the handling of environmental issues
ILO10 Competent, and qualified in applying the basics of scientific methods and academic integrity in research and compile scientific works.
Specific Skill Skill ILO11 Capable and able to plan, manage and evaluate the chemistry learning in school and laboratory activities in an innovative and adaptive manner. Chemistry learning in schools is carried out in a guided manner under the characteristics of the material (content knowledge) and characteristics of learners, learning approaches, learning resources, learning media (didactic learning), information technology, and relevant communication (technological knowledge), laboratory activities with attention to the principles of K3 (Occupational Safety and Security) and environmental issues.
ILO12 Competent and capable in identifying chemical learning problems, and choose alternative solutions based on existing theories and research findings; and competent, qualified, and having entrepreneurial values as the basis for simple business design in the field of chemistry and chemical education


May 23 - 31, 2022

Final Exam

Final Exam Period for Even Semester